an adjective used to describe something amazing, like obama.
i had an obamariffic day today, it was awesome!

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  • anger monks

    to be in a bad mood or to get angry over stupid things. easily annoyed. this girl right here has the anger monks. looks like somebodies got the anger monks.

  • bbnm

    bbnm – abbreviation for bad b-tch no muzzle, a phrase made popular by the nicki minaj song “pound the alarm” joe: dayumm did you see that fine piece of -ss over there? monique: watch yourself! she looks like a bbnm! she won’t play no games with you!

  • Plum Smuggler

    plum smuggling is the male version of camel toe. therefore a plum smuggler is a guy who has male camel toe. jim dangle from reno 911! is a plum smuggler. a pair of men’s shorts so small and tight that it looks like he is smuggling a pair of plums (t-st-cl-s) a good example of […]

  • Plums Out

    an expression of joy. as in i was so overjoyed by the fact, i got my plums (t-st-cl-s) out. “sir you just won first place in the pie eating compet-tion” “plums out!”

  • Rainbow Thunder

    when a guy ferociously slams his c-ck in mike mitch-ll’s -ss. then mikes eats skittles then sucks his c-ck. taste the rainbow. random f-g: mike mitch-ll just rainbow thundered me.

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