the word originally defines an intelligent young man, however, he died from having a large p-n-s. thus, his name defines anyone who has a big p-n-s.
for an example, d-mn yo, billy has a obert. i hope he doesn’t go down like him.
the opposite of obert thus someone who has died from having a small p-n-s. if you call someone an oberts, it means they have a small p-n-s.
chris why do you have such an oberts?!?!
an unbelievably annoying pr-ck that haunts the ff. he loves to ban people for no reason and deletes any posts he disagrees with.
common characteristics of an obert:

terrified of being exposed

can’t spell

can’t please his wife

love for power and discipline
obert is an orbert
the bag oh boy o’berto beef jerkey comes in.
c’mon man open the obert im starving!

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