Obesity Scale

the jl obesity scale (thx john)

category 1: slightly overweight with between 0 and 3 rolls

category 2: obviously larger than most but not yet considered hopeless

category 3: the first level of obesity, usually charactorized by a constant hunger for fatty foods

category 4: probably the largest person you know, but there are bigger. if you get between them and food…its over.

category 5: one of the top 15 most obese people in the state, charactorized by empty vending machines and several pizza boxes in their locker. these people are known to be extremely dangerous and we encourage you not to feed them.

category 6: the most easily recognized of all overweights, charactorized by clogged arteries, a blanket over your face, and several people trying to revive you. also are commonly known to have custom made coffins to fit their obeseness
hey guys sorry to interupt your flight but we have to make room in the isles for the category 6.

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