obiomachi is the name of certain african legends with special capabilities. the name itself allows them to do many things like attract endless men. they aren’t something you see everyday. a blue moon is nowhere close to how rare one of these are. people who have had the great honor to be touched by an obiomachi never wash again as thier touch has incredible powers like curing desieses. accounts of human interaction have proven that they are so called goody-two-shoes always listening to thier elders. legend had it there is only one obiomachi left though. when the last obiomachis death shall occur nasa has agreed to blow up the sun as life without obiomachi is clearly not worth living. symptoms of seeing an obiomachi are increased heart rate, sweating, losing control of body parts, the feeling of bieng in love ect. also refer to goddess
guy1: “woah man! did you see that obiomachi?”
guy2: “heck ya i can’t feel my legs!”
guy1″me niether!”
guy2:”we should go check that out!”
guy1: “nah man. it’s completely normal to lose feelings in both your legs and fall to the ground after seeing an obiomachi.”

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