someone beast at soccer
this guy is an obiora
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  • huseen

    he is a fat chubby c–n who eats mcdonald’s all the time that guy is such a huseen 0 0 get the mug

  • kissani

    a great girl with a shining possitive outlook on life. is a best friend for sure random guy:look how great that girl is random guy #2: she must be a kissani!! 0 0 get the mug

  • lonely-s*xual

    where someone has trouble finding a relationship they aren’t good enough for people and rejection is all they get. not heteros-xual, h-m-s-xual, or bi-s-xual. person 1-hey i’m going to come out… i’m lonely-s-xual. person 2-i strongly support your decision. person 1-i have found where i belong, it all makes sense now. i can’t change even […]

  • tinder zombie

    noun: someone (usually a guy) who contacts you again after ghosting you, in an attempt to feast on your flesh again i can’t believe that tinder zombie texted me again on halloween 0 0 get the mug

  • perpitute

    as attributed to pimp c, this is a woman who prost-tutes, yet, on occasion tried to project herself as presentable/respectable, fluctuating back and forth between and always remaining a prost-tute. a prost-tute who perpetrates as respectable. i saw the perpitute on the stroll one night, coached up at the galleria the next. 0 0 get […]

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