obsessed with t-st-cl-s.
i don’t know if he’s gay, but he’s sure as h-ll obsested.

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  • ockadoodle

    magically makes everything better. just say it. my old piano teacher used to say it when i messed up. “deep breath, ockadoodle… i’m straight now.”

  • lux0r

    1337 for lucker: someone who is lucky omg that noob killed me! what a lux0r!1!

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    1. all the luxury of a sports car, deliciously wrapped in the finest truffle. 2. trap! i am totally luxalicious. dieter is luxalicious. that girl over there has total luxalicious all over her face.

  • Midgardsormr

    a server in the mmorpg final fantasy xi (ffxi). good bunch, although we have many infamous characters. midgardsormr? isn’t that the most expensive server? /cry

  • BHRS

    b-tthole removal surgery after i had bhrs, i had to sh-t out my v-g-n-. bood to head ratio. …’nough said. “the bhr should never exceed 1 as many times as it does in j-panese comics.”

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