durgatory term used by an individual to make fun of a police officer.

2. a mispr-nounced version of officer by an individual that is inebriated.

3. a word used in conjunction with “corrections” to define someone that always corrects the mistakes of others
excuse me police occifer , i didn’t know i was swerving leaving work.

2. yes occifer, ill take that breathalyzer, i’ve only had 2 or 12 drinks.

3. my friend the corrections occifer always corrects me on everything right down to the smallest of mistakes!
a police officer(also an ill-advised term of adress, from a drunken sluring of the word officer)
police man: ok i am going to have to do a brethalyzer test

drunk: i’m not drunk occifer, i’ve only had ti martwonis.
a sarcastic term for police officer, usually said by a drunk trying to be smart or funny.
did you see the way occifer mike was pushing the guest off thw stage on the steve wilkos show? it makes you wonder why people bother to go on the show.
someone who will take your three-fitty, even though it’s all you’re worth.
“all i’m worth is three-fitty! you wanna take that, too, occifer?”


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