russian rude slang word for b-tthole.
boris, what have you done? we are in ochko now!

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  • n*gg*mancy

    a type of summoning magic used to summon ya n-gg- from da hood realm, only usable after you get a valid n-gg- p-ss. magician: i shall now use n-gg-mancy to get an -ssistant for this next magic trick. crowd: woah! he got the n-gg- p-ss!

  • blobfishing

    the act of making your face look like a blobfish by having a major double chin and other weird facial expressions i look so bad i’m literally blobfishing!

  • tanton

    tanton, anyone named tanton has the best hair, face, eyes, ears. is borderline perfect. & also has the finest and most attractive girlfriend or female in all of history. aye dude you must be a tanton because your wife is more amazing and perfect than any other stupid -ss hoe in all of history.

  • nilfisked

    to take inappropriate advantage of another using unethical behavior. i regret buying that used car from that slick salesman because it turned out to be a lemon. i got totally screwed nilfisked.

  • pee spaghetti

    putting raw spaghetti into your pee hole and leaving it there until it softens. this process can be more timely if you have a buddy to put the other half of it in his so your d-cks “lady and tramp”. a master chef can even make lasagna. “bone” appet-t! it’s all you can eat pasta […]

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