that one chick over there
omg, look at that ocot. she’s so basic.

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  • p*rs*en

    aplicable by any stretch of the imagination. can be used in any context regardless of the sentence. the griz walked into the cl-ssroom and p-rs-ened all over chowds.

  • tryna make moves

    to go places with other n-gg-s aye young, you tryna make moves

  • pink penny whistle

    p-n-s adrian plays the most beautiful tune on the pink penny whistle

  • gnatsh

    male genitals a.k.a nuts, but pr-nounced like you have autism brady sags dad gnatsh

  • kalped

    when you get beaten so bad even you know its true. i got kalped so bad yesterday i did not know what to do with myself. when you get killed/wrecked/owned, kalped can also be used as a derogatory term in slang. i’m about to kalp these guys. get kalped. we bout to put da kalp […]

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