a p–py t-rd with a small p-n-s and a very c-cky but not fulfilling att-tude
omg that octavien is wetarded

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  • shrinter

    original idea: to create an output device – half shredder, half printer – for extremely confidential doc-ments. in real life: a printer that produces more paper jam and torn paper than usable output due to technical malfunction the printer in my office is definitely a shrinter…

  • shrocket

    high powered sh-t caused by an energy drink with at least 50% juice content. only when the fecal matter is splattered on the sides of the bowl, is it considered a shrocket. sh-t rocket, when you destroy the bathroom after drinking an energy drink (with juice), when the discharge comes out so forcefully that it […]

  • Shunx

    an exclamation of excitement, disdain, disbelief, or disappointment. is a good subst-tute for the word “sh-t” especially when one is unable to use the word “sh-t” amongst certain company. shunx! i forgot to put my deodorant on.

  • shuse me

    originated from a lithuanian teacher accent is russian “oi shuse me ” or “shuse me tom” same as “excuse me”, however, when you say “excuse me” you are asking politly. “shuse me” is to be said while pushing someone out of the way. shuse me! ::push::

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    a soaking wet cat. jack woods looked like a little sea rat last night. civilian slang for a female enlisted in any sea faring occupation who is easy and doesn’t care. a man stealer. that sailor left his faithful girlfriend for that filthy sea-rat.

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