to be weird, off center, not normal.
“she’s a bit off”
to b-mp off. to kill. to exterminate.
we’re going to off some finks on friday night.
off is an acronym for old fat f-ck. the acronym was coined for vote for the worst posters. turns out that most of the people who post on vote for the worst are off or old fat f-cks. one is a 52 year fugly singer. a joke of a man who went no where and stalks idol contestants half his age. another is a person called smartie. who turns out to be another off. a 40 year old lesbo from austrailia. vftw started out to be a cool site in 2004 but quickly degraded into a joke site. a site that is filled with off’s who stalk idol contestants and spew hate on them.
those off from vote for the worst pee in their depends nightly
abbreviation for “oh for f-ck sakes”
when her husband gets ridiculous on the im, she types “offs” …
off, suffix for any swear word, turning it into a dismissal
f-ck off
sh-t off
c-nt off
w-nk off
p-ss off
tw-t off
cr-p off
j-zz off
minge off
the general direction in which you should f-ck
f-ck off!
only for f-cking
i’m looking for formal relationship! i’m tired being with off (o.f.f) people…

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