offensive memes

another word for p-rnography
i like offensive memes

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  • xbox crew

    a dysfunctional group of people who are also r-t-rd’s and useless to society they cannot play rainbow six siege ha ha you look like an xbox crew

  • sophiaitis

    the fear of the clucky clucky cuckus or chicken. more fear is produced if the clucky clucky cluckus can glow and have abnormally large toe nails. brooo im so stoned i think i have sophiaitis and i cant eat chicken anymore.

  • wee kelzo

    wee kelzo is a fierce girl who you don’t wan’t to mess with, wee kelzo can also be loving and scary. wee kelzo is like a guard dog when watching loved ones. wow i heard wee kelzo is like a guard dog when she looks after her dog!

  • fringe love

    you want to love him/her but you feel so scred that they don’t feel the same way or there is just somthing in the way that you want to sit and cringe in you bed all day “dude, i really like her but she just broke up with her boyfriend, we have such a fringe […]

  • mexican rainforest

    to take very smell sh-t in a bathroom, right before or while someone else baths or showers in it. the steam amplifies the sh-t stench. i left a mexican rainforest for my wife.

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