extremely good looking, usually able to do anything and everything that includes a board(skateboarding,snowboarding,skimboarding,ect..)
likes females way too much but its ok because they can most likely get away with it. in early development they are often short in hight but make up for it other places
g1= girl
g2=girl 2

g1-hey did u see ofir the other day

g2-ya it was amazing he did a quadruple back flip with one foot.

g1- i wish i had a boyfriend as awesome as ofir

g2-ya me to, hes the greatest
an amazing guy who is the sweetest boy ever. he is so cool and it is impossible not to want to be his friend. all the girls want him and all the boys want to be him.
jim: ofir took my girlfriend!
joe: thats rough man
jim: its okay i want to be him!

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