og weirdo

someone that is always weird and not just once, but now that has a reputation of always being weird.
that boy over there tryna get get girls numbers online of xbox. always doing that. i swear he’s an og weirdo

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  • break a lung!

    imperative. to wish someone a successful singing engagement. the choral equivalent of the theatrical imperative ‘break a leg!’ (q.v.) ‘i hope your choir recital goes well. break a lung!’

  • kirk mimi

    a self-centred little whining b-tch that sends you death threats on instagram dms. nicky messaged me again what a kirk mimi

  • california bb dance

    1. the act of eating an ounce of metal bbs, then sitting on an electro magnet. 2. a form of enema. i have been feeling great after by last california bb dance!

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