a fat, orange spiky alien from pluto who wears a sweatband around his neck. he and his freind emory are total morons who do stupid things on their sp-ceship, such as making master shake go through a virtual sea of pizza and a virtual ride through a horse’s digestive system. they appear on the show athf.
spikes? zeez ah not spikes! zey ah pointy ahms!

the yellow plutonian from athf
“and that is why i said you cannot buy the rollerskates.. hey what happened to the window? ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
gray, short legged munchkin cat that thinks it is a dog, lives in west/central pennsylvania, most commonly seen fetching thrown items and doing flips.
look how short that cat is, it looks like an oglethorpe.
did you see that cat oglethorpe that ball that he threw?

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