Oh, Ohh Alright

a phrase that may be used to respond to absolutely anything. when something sweet happens you, you pr-noujnce the ohs short but when something sh-tty happpens you elongated the ohhhs.
scrub- dude im having a rager tomorow.

bro- oh, ohh alright.

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  • OHW

    one hit wonder. anyone who quits or isn’t able to perform the activity after one round. used for drug activities, s-x, and other illicit activities. person 1:mark smoked out of that bubbler and p-ssed out after one hit!! person 2: for reals? what a ohw….

  • oldbeal

    really fit lookin bloke he is so oldbeal, dat boi is oldbeal

  • one eyed McDoogan

    simply a p-n-s. john: hey man check out veronica she is smoking hot! jeff: yea i know i wanna show her my one eyed mcdoogan.

  • One Man Joke

    a delusion that only you believe. it’s obvious meaning being that it is a “one man joke” and you are the only man that gets it. often said when a totally unrealistic sentence is heard and everyone there knows its a lie. one man joke!, you still love him/her and we all know it

  • online now party

    when everyone is online at one time. wow! seems like everyone is flashing ‘on line’ right now….it must be an online now party!

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