a small town in california in ventura county known for hippies, art and old folks. kids don’t like it but adults love ojai as it is beautiful and safe. growing up there i remember taking the red and green trolly, riding my bike or walking everywhere! ojai does not have chain restaurants/ stores in the city limits which gives it even more of a small town feel. the population is around 9,000.
ojai- a small hippy town in california
one of the most beautiful places in the world. located in ventura county. home to pot-smokin-hipies, rednecks,friendly old people,skaters and rebelious teens. almost everyone is beautiful and most are down to earth.
that guy is a skating hippie.. he must be from ojai.
a small city in ventura county known for its diverse population consisting of hippies, rednecks, tree huggers and senior citizens alike.
look at that man up in the oak tree, he must be from ojai.
small town located in ventura county, known for its diverse population consisting of hippies, rednecks, and old people.
ojai, eh?
stupid dumb redneck and sn-bby town put together with ugly ppl
ppl 1:eww look at that red neck
ppl 2:o its ojai

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