n. pr-nounced okayp. a native african mammal that is a cousin to the giraffe but has a much shorter neck and is alot more gangsta than old wack–ss giraffes. better known as the unofficial mascot to the wider okayplayer collective.
after adopting an okapi from the animal shelter, mrs. whitebread accepted that she would have to rent a bigger apartment.
an okapi is the short necked relative of a giraffe. it is dark brown and has striped legs like a zebra. the okapi can clean its ears with its tongue. it lives in the democratic republic of the congo, formerly know as zaire. the okapi is on the endangered species list.
kid1: hey what is that animal?

kid2: that’s an okapi.
kid1: you sure, it looks like a giraffe mated with a zebra.
someone by then ame of sarah s.
sarah is a weird one. sarah loves being weird

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