oki is basically a short version of okey dokey. originally used by accident instead of saying ‘ok’, its caught on like wildfire and is now used by many people around london.
friend 1: do ya wanna come out today?
friend 2: oki
friend 1: kewl
ok.. it is used by latin people in the state referring to ok
i want to know if….
word commonly used during chat conversations, implemented when the person that uses it:
1. does not have anything more inteligent to say.
2. does not want to go along with the conversation or the stream of thought.
3. it is tired of the other person and just wants the recepient to shut up.
4. a simple way of ending a conversation.
user: hey what is up?
recepient: alright, i had a long day, i had to work extra hours in this project, and the people in my office are driving me insane.
user: oki
blackfeet (native american) for welcome.
oki to my home.
a kewl gaming cat. long version is okinesu, contracted from tomo’s nickname.
hey man, wanna play some sc?
yeah, let’s get oki in on it, too!
tastes horrible
this broccili tastes like oki
a blackenese man with only one t-st-cl-.
his momma be black and his daddy be j-panese.

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