a korean word meaning “bubby is nothing but a rubber sh-t”
omg guys, okja

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  • phonemoon

    the brief period immediately after buying a cell phone when your kid lives up to her promise of doing the household ch-r-s -ssociated with getting her new gadget. mrs. ian’s phonemoon lasted only two days, because her daughter went back to her old habits of not helping out at home.

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    a type of friends that are inseparable. they trust each other, they have inside jokes, their always there for each other and have each other’s best interest. they are really close and bond very well. they are best friends “wow they must be emily and brooke, they are best friends!” 💙🎭 a type of friends […]

  • scorpion grind

    when you attempt any trick on a bike or board and mess up falling face first on the ground. while your face is in the dirt your legs bend up and over your body behind your head. karo-how did peter get that scar on his face? al- peter was riding his bike missed the rail […]

  • born again f*gbasher

    abbreviated bafb 1) a h-m-phobe who is g-y for jesus 2) a hypocrite ain’t tryin’ to start nothin’ here, but any born again f-gbasher i ever knew, when he got down on both knees, he wasn’t fixin’ to pray know what i’m sayin’?

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    when a male places his genitals on a another parter’s eye sockets. thus brown goggles jane received brown goggles from timmy

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