a strange kind of being that only can exist under the most helpless and depressing of situations. raised by a mother who doesn’t love him and a father who abuses him, an oksus does not know what to do with his time. usually hated by his own country , oksus sits at home crying about his lack of job and education. sometimes an oksus will sit on epic mafia for 10 hours or more abusing others and pleading for nudes. oksus simply is the lowest form of life on this earth.
“hey barry, get up off your -ss and stop being a complete oksus!”

“i feel like a complete and utter useless oksus at the moment”
a synonym for cute or small. usually used when someone is really happy or excited for something. commonly used by asians, asian wannabes, or those insulting asians.
goldstein: oh hey ana! wow that shirt is really oksu on you!
ana: ty ty ^.^

david: hey boris, check out that group of fobs over there! they look so oksu with their h-llo kitty dolls!
boris: hey that’s my people you’re making fun of 🙁

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