olaf was first used to describe the size of man’s p-n-s in ancient scandinavia. today when a parent of scandinavian a child believes their child will have a m-ssive shlong they name him olaf
honey, this child keeps poking me inside. lets name him olaf, he must have a gigantic d-ck!
a happy snowman known for his role in the most wonderful movie ever, frozen. created by queen elsa of arrendale with her snow/ice powers. olaf always introduces himself saying “hi, i’m olaf and i like warm hugs!” at first people freak out that he is alive, but then they find out he is friendly.

at first he didn’t know what would happen to him when he experienced heat (he has his own song about it called “in summer”), but once he melted, queen elsa gave him his own personal flurry. put him with summer and he’ll be a happy snowman.

aside from his happy funny side, olaf also has a sweet and caring side. he built a fire for his friend anna who was in danger of permanently freezing. anna said, “olaf! you’re melting!” and olaf replied with an original quote that will make history, “some people are worth melting for.”
young elsa: this is olaf, and he likes warm hugs!

– – –
olaf: hi, i’m olaf, and i like warm hugs!

adult elsa: olaf?

olaf: you built me. remember that?

adult elsa: and you’re alive?

olaf: um, i think so…?
a p-n-s with a very large girth
wow, your p-n-s is very olaf
1. a leperchaun
2. very very very large penus.
3. pink female nipples.
1. “i saw an olaf in my bath tub today!”
2. “wow, mister you have an olaf ;]”
3. “mom, why did you have to give me olaf?”
olaf is a very cool, nice and handsome guy. he always will be there for people.

also olaf is a absolute s-x-god. he has got some exlusive s-x skills.

hot girls always cross olaf’s path.
wow, that guy really is a olaf.

last night i had a olaf in my bedroom.
he’s a sailor and a m-ssive smart -ss. but he’s still the best dad you can ever wish for!
you’ll always see olaf on a boat!

olaf -fing- -fed-: a s-xual term in which you d-ld- a girl with a carrot, and when she -rg-sms you yell “watch out for my b-tt!” and proceed to sh-t on her.
room mate: dude, it smells in here…and why does this carrot taste funky?
me: the chick i was with last night wanted me to olaf her.

-room mate spits out carrot-

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