old bitch

a b-tch who’s old as f-ck
she a old b-tch

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  • darth betes

    someone so fat that you can hear them breathing from miles away and they are on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes ‘what’s that noise?’ ‘it’s just darth betes. he’s out of puff after walking to the fridge.’

  • betial

    the type of person who seemingly offers you something nice, but if you reject, unleash their wrath and fury upon you. betial: let me buy you lunch you: i’m okay, thanks betial: *flips table and drop kicks you into oblivion*

  • to go plate

    is when a random dude blows it in your girl, and she bringa it home and makes you eat it unknowingly. yo bro my girl had an extra creamy -rg-sm… might have been a to go plate.

  • brians forehead

    brian’s forehead is a forehead that no one can take their eyes away. so much that people roast him about it and he has to move schools because of the constant roasting. even moving to different schools might make the roasting stop, his “friends” joke about the unreal forehead. brian’s forehead is an embarr-ssing forehead. […]

  • sh*t zoom

    a manic run taken by a cat after taking a sh-t- cats who do this usually do not cover their sh-t, and are running because they desperately want to get away from the smell. my cat takes a sh-t-zoom at least twice a day, and wafts the smell all over the house in doing it.

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