olé is used in soccer or any sport where one person performs a great feat of skill and then screams olé!! to humiliate the person they did it against. it is more commonly used in soccer when someone achieves a nutmeg or panna
“you should have seen my piece of skill, i put the ball through this guys legs and just screamed olé afterwards”
“i olé’d him to f-ck today”
slang for writing old.
i grabbed her hair and gave her the ole one-two one-two.
a nickname for a cute person
krystal and kekee are oles
said when one is approached the state of completely sh-t housed. can be used in chant form to signify group inebriation.

origin: this word means literally “to be laid out” and comes from a b-tch named olay who constantly gets into fights and, consequently, constantly gets laid out.
1. “man, i’m ole’d.”
2. “ole, ole ole ole!”
response to a good suggestion
“let’s get p-ssed tonight”

(verb) a proclamation of mexican pride, or punctuating the achievement of a person of mexican descent.
“f-ckin’ hinojosa got a b on his mechanics exam….ole!!!”
some dude who doesn’t know where the f-ck he is going in life, and therefor makes an -ss out of himself at every left-turn. but d-mn fine in bed.
sh-t, that d-mn ole stumped me again.

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