usually said after a great accomplishment, or a stab at someones demeanor.
-made a good shot while playing billiards-

loser – “hey man good game…”

winner – “oledad”

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  • Green Backing

    having s-x on a pull table, preferably with green felt. last new years eve party, katie and i were totally green backing in the den!

  • Green enchilada

    a musty v-g-n- that smells of mold and sometimes appears green. katie do you have a green enchilada?

  • Ollapod

    a pharmacist went to the ollapod to pick up some pian meds for my buby when he hurt his back in football. an ollapod is also a drug dealer too.

  • Oloth

    jack of all games master at none, this is generally a person who plays a lot of games but is not great at any of them. shut up you oloth, you rubbish at hon don’t start acting good.

  • gurmit

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