an h-r- bag b-tch that gets tea baged on the regular
olina will get u right

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  • omework

    another name for spanish homework since the “h” is silent. it’s quicker to get the point across while you’re high. mom: what are you boys up to? delinquent: we’re just doing some omework mom: …omework? delinquent: i’m busy, mom

  • one-eyed unicorn

    (n.) the rear-view of a cat’s b-tt with it’s tail up. every morning when i wake up, my cat jumps on my chest, turns around and shows me her one-eyed unicorn.

  • onnica pino

    an extremely beautiful girl! she’s a drop dead gorgeous girl! she’s also the most s-xy girl you’ll ever see! a real head turner! she is the most amazing girl in the universe! she has the best personality ever! there is no other girl like her! once you get a clue of the real person she […]

  • on the daily

    means on a daily basis; every day i smoke the ganj on the daily scott and des pipe on the daily

  • OOMH

    out of my hands – the project has been p-ssed to another person, it is oomh now.

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