olivia lagrua

a sl-t
omg that was such an olivia lagrua move

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  • thunderfox

    thunderfox is the head moderator/memester of the pokemongo-map discord channel, a part of the mapping efforts for pokemon go. he specializes in stale memes, but sometimes uses his c-m (community unification manager) powers to unnecessarily ping @everyone. looks like thunderfox just pinged @everyone again… back to work.

  • marshaholic

    when a guy is confused because a girl friendzoned him and hitting on him a that same time. dude i cant sleep cuz u a marshaholic bruhhhhhh

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    a man with a small p-n-s. an annoying boy who thinks his p-n-s is big. usually very fit and very nice but annoying all the time. you’re acting like such a deekshant.

  • bung burner

    a fart that feels so hot you swear you scorched your shorts. mavis: “why the h-ll is there smoke whifting from matha’s shorts?” fred: “can’t you smell it? she just layed a bung burner.”

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    tyhia is a loyal and sweet person. they are very sensitive and not so quick to open up to people. they are very loyal when it comes to relationships, and don’t like for their time to be wasted. they are often are happy but once you get on their bad side it’s no turning back. […]

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