a s-xy girl woman that to suck d-ck she always good looking and
have a big booty 👅👅🍑🍑
i need a ollyhia

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  • dripping donut

    a c-m filled b-tthole i gave lilly a dripping donut last night

  • shame mowing

    when a neighbor mows his lawn to shame the lawn that you didn’t mow. we should mow the lawn after pat’s shame mowing

  • eorus

    p-ssy -ss n-gg-, no friends has no life and is fat. wow, natethefat.. he must be an “eorus”

  • jokeocide

    abusing a joke so much that it becomes completely unfunny anymore and dead used to love a good mum joke, until cam pulled a complete jokeocide on it

  • crumb shelf

    cleavage that is particularly notorious for picking up crumbs. this often happens if you wear open tops, or have a larger shelf to work with. jodie checked her bra only to find half of that oreo she lost earlier — thanks, crumb shelf!

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