god help me
olordy i am up the sh-t

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  • pull an aldo

    to drop off the face of earth when finding a girl friend when nick started dating maria it was clear that he was going to pull an aldo

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    a screwed up n-gg- who can take anything and turn it s-xual and funny! these people can make stupid jokes that not many people understand but the people who know him will laugh their motherf-cking n-gg-r sh-t d-mn c-nt -ss off! they also know business like the back of their hand and can make money […]

  • hawtee

    most beautiful-est person that stand out because she shines from the inside and outside. my girl that went back on me for the telegraph messenger boy, she came with the rest of the girls, but she was the most hawtee out of all of them

  • way of life

    that’s the way it is. some are right and some are wrong, that just the way of life.

  • hyphen head

    a specific individual whom is in some way a pest and/or disturbance to society. a hyphen head can involve selfishness, arrogance or just being an overall hyphen. the term hyphen head can also be used to regard any living being no matter what the circ-mstance. in other words a hyphen head can be named to […]

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