the small, yet fabulous capital of washington. also referred to as “capital city” or even “o-town”. we have art, drama, music, greeners, and we pretty much take way to much pride calling ourselves “diverse”. but, i guess you could say that. we have enough scene kids to fill a thousand shows (check out the manium), enough meth addicts to fill a thousand re-habs, and more gay men than freakin’ l.a.
want a taste of oly? just go downtown.
but for reals, despite the mentally ill people on street corners, all the protests done by hippies, and the worst traffic you ever saw lake fair weekend, olympia is about the most exciting place to be ever. it’s the best place to see local bands and buy music at rainy day records (mostly indie and alternative stuff,) and several great theaters that convert to hot spots for shows in two seconds flat. (note to reader, bring steel toed shoes for mosh-pits) and if you want to be an actor, there are more camps and workshops to attend then you will ever know. unfortunately, this olympia, and you’ll never get anywhere. so if you’re looking for fame, try seattle.
kid 1-hey, wanna go to downtown olympia?
kid 2- sure, im in for some sk-nking.
kid 1-yeah, and we can kick the b-m and steal his weed.
kid 2-he sure has been down since he dropped out over evergreen.
an amazing type of girl these girls are often rare to find and when they are found they are: nice, polite, caring, loving, pretty, and loyal.these girls have been known to rarely lie to you and often tell you how they feel directly this is rarely bad as they are often loving towards everyone.
guy1 :man that olympia girl is a real keeper i think i’ll marry her one day.
guy2: awesome sounds like a legit plan.
the capital of washington. a small town filled to the brim with hippies, stoners, punk kids, hipsters, vegans, and folks in the lgbt spectrum.

really, there are a ton of queers here. more than you’d think would be in one town. it’s like they all migrated here without telling each other.

olympia has too many coffee shops to count. everyone in olympia is addicted to coffee. a coffee shop isn’t just a place for a casual date. it’s where you write your college papers, where you meet with friends, where you work, where you propose, and where you have your children. there’s even one that’s open all hours of the day, because us olympian folk just can’t go to sleep at night without knowing that we could get coffee if we really, really wanted it.

seeing as olympia is home to the evergreen college, we have many greeners. most of these college students are quite obnoxious and think that they are much smarter than you. their high horse is a friggin elephant. just back away slowly.

downtown olympia is home to many shops that sell cute, useless objects. a great place to be when buying presents, having nothing else to do that day with friends, being stoned, or when having no life. otherwise, it’s not all that handy. the downtown area is also home to many asian restaurants. very many.

we have a couple theaters that are pretty cool.
olympia is also one of those towns where everybody knows each other. really knows each other. it’s like 4 degrees of separation here.
john: hey jane! we should go grab some coffee downtown!
jane: sounds swell! where do you suppose we’ll go?
john: gee, jane, that’s a puzzler… olympia has so many options, we might as well draw from a hat!
olympia- olympia is literally perfection. she’s pretty,honest, kind,funny, weird and smart. not to mention is very capable of creating interesting facial expressions. she has many inventions as well, she works multiple shifts, such as a doctor, therapist, or fruit addict, specifically pears, she’s totes fabulous and everyone wants to be her! ps- she has a huge booty everyone is thirsty for.
man i wish i could be an olympia!

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