oh my god
omagosh! he’s so hot! :p

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    means: ‘oh my f-cking g-d laugh my f-cking -ss off’. can be used on aim, mysp-ce, facebook, etc. aim conversation person 1: and then he fell!!! person 2: omfglmf–!!!


    an addition to omgwtfbbq (or just wtfbbq), the lba stands for “leave britney alone!” as screamed by chris c-cker. 1. used when, unbelievably, omgwtfbbq just isn’t enough. 2. also used when the subject of the expression is an attack on an apparently innocent or defenseless party. ralph: “those little kids i kidnapped are all great […]

  • omish

    parents that have the strictness of traditional amish parents, but not the religon. (not for real) daughter: my parents are so omish, they’re not letting me hang out with my friend tonight because he’s a boy.they never let me have any fun. they also said my curfew is eight o’clock. when you are f-cking someone […]

  • One-legged race

    the one-legged race is a highly active s-xual position which involves the man lifting the woman off the floor and holding her against the wall with one leg raised holding one of her legs up and the other planted on the floor to provide the thrust. can be painful if you overbalance at all. i […]

  • One Percenter Problem

    a problem that a person whose income percentile is in the top 1% of a wealthy, industrialized country’s income experiences that people in the 99% would probably roll their eyes at. (this term is a continued division of the term “first world problem.”) which ipad 3 should i buy for my dog, the white or […]

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