a huge, gaping, man eating v-g-n-
paris hiltons v-g-n- has an omega-gina

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  • OMFnG

    abbreviation for oh my fred and george. predominantly used by fans of j.k.rowling’s bestseller series harry potter, it is a censored version of omfg that is used to express approval or awesomeness. a: wanna slytherin my chamber of secrets? b: omfng! a: ouch. b: no, omf n g. a: ohh…eyyyyyyy. 😉


    oh my gosh i really think so! a: siblings are annoying. especially those younger ones. b: omgirts!

  • oosher

    the cutest, most loving, handsome boy in the world! mike is such an oosher 🙂

  • oppwnent

    alternate to opponent, primarily used in online gaming. this guy is my oppwnent, its personal.

  • Oral Surgeon

    guy knocks teeth out of prost-tute when he c-ms then p-sses in her mouth to reduce chance of infection. man, that b-tch wife complained about needing some dental work so i oral surgeoned her.

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