1. the 24th and last letter of the greek alphabet.

2. the extreme or final part.

3.a. a negatively charged elementary particle that has a m-ss 3270 times the m-ss of an electron.

3.b. a very short-lived unstable meson with m-ss 1532 times the m-ss of an electron.

4. a luxury watchmaker based in switzerland. their watches have famously been worn by james bond 007 since 1995.

5. a hungarian rock band formed in 1962. as of this definition they have released 16 hungarian studio alb-ms encomp-ssing different musical genres: folk rock, hard rock, sp-ce rock, progressive rock, and synthrock. they have released some english and german alb-ms and singles over the years but these are hard to find. they have had the same lineup for over 30 years: kóbor jános, molnár györgy, benkő lászló, mihály tamás, and debreczeni ferenc. their greatest alb-m is probably 10000 lépés released in 1969.
i am alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. – spoken by jesus in rev 22:13.
fine swiss watch that is good enough for james bond and offers a much better value and is less showy than a rolex. also the first watch to go to the moon, and still continues to be put in sp-ce.
fraco: “dude, who is doing the timing for formula 1?”
pierre: “omega, of course”
a greek letter, but more usually used to mean the complete end of everything, or something simply the destruction of everything as we know it.
“no one can avoid being affected. most human beings may go out of their minds; others will go beyond mind.”
-john hogue
a bad bro. a t-rd. a total douchebag. someone who sells phoney supplements. a pet dullard
omega = :t-rd:
omega is worthless
the lowest-ranking mammal in a social group, such as wolves or chimpanzees. usually employs clowning as a defense mechanism. in human society, the lowest-status individual in a group.
bob once again demonstrated his omega status when he stuffed his nose full of easy cheese in a desperate cry for attention.
an androgynous alien celebrity. is in a band called omega and the mechanical animals. is a persona played by marilyn manson in 1998.

in his persona, he wears a woman suit with fake br–sts.
the dope show is centered around omega
the highest pledge cl-ss in modern eta history. consisting of 9, this pledge cl-ss at syracuse university was high 24/7.
vic: “did you break sobriety? why do i even ask youre all high as f-ck!”
omega: “were f-cked. lets get high”

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