a state of being all-powerful and godlike. in fact, it is being a god.
my demonic powers have made me omnipotent!!! mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
the all-powerful. a word people like to argue over.
whompy whomperson- i am the omnipotent.
binkerhead- no i am god.
whompy whomperson- you cant be god cuz i am god.
binkerhead-youre drunk.
the coolest f-cking kid on hackforums
omnipotent f-cking f-cked my f-cking mom last f-cking night and i enjoyed f-cking watching because he’s so f-cking cool…f-ck!
the act of being everywhere at once.
g-d is omnipotent.
erectile disfuntion or inability to get it up.
my gampa takes v–gr- becaue he is omnipotent.
the ability to be potent on an omnibus
wow that couple was omnipotent and stained the imitation leather ofthe seats on the schoolbus, maybe they should ride a train instead

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