the imperial dictator. he was created the moment the stars where born. his army has taken over most of the universe. he is the sword of god in the material plane. crafted from richouseness and holiness he is the epitamy of every aspect. using time to his advantage with his superior intellect, omnius has learned almost everything modern science has found. he has just turned 10 decillion. (10 followed by thirty zeroes) his reighn has brought peace and expanse to the imperium for less than three hundred years less than his age. seeing all possible choices and truths thrugh his inter-dimensional counterparts. he is the one that has made 3rd army into the unchallenged fighting force thrughought the universe. all of this in the name of god.
he is more than a saint but less than an angel. he is omnius. savior, protector, and provider for the imperial rejime.
zeal and fury! for the imperium!

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