your such an omoy!

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  • h*llsgamers

    a community of video-gamers that was created back in 2006. gamer 1: i am a member in h-llsgamers. gamer 2: oh yeah? i am a mod! gamer 3: wow you must be good at sucking c-ck.

  • j*zzrope

    the rope that comes out of spider mans hands yo spider man has a strong j-zzrope probably how he’s able to swing around the city with them

  • submissive dominant

    during a relationship/s-x, there are two types of people. “dominant” and “submissive”. the dominant is the one on top, the one calling the shots, the one with the whip, etc. the submissive is the one who is on bottom. the one who yells “f*ck me!” a submissive dominant is the one who calls the shots, […]

  • tinkle pit

    a synonym for a bathroom. taken from the name of an obscure 1993 namco arcade video game that was only released in j-pan. wow, i really have to pee. i’m gonna go use the tinkle pit.

  • patanin

    he’s the weird kid that sniffs glue in the back of the cl-ss. he isn’t attractive and has very thick and bushy eyebrows. did you see that dude? he’s a total patanin.

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