On Fleek vs On Point

on fleek is like an eyebrow thing when your eyebrows are on fleek but like on point can be anything. your music taste is on point your outfit is on point. somebody doesn’t say your music taste is on fleek because then they just sounds stupid because you’re not using the right slang.

fleek is a combination of fly and sleek. on point is like, when you graph there’s a point and you’re on it. it’s more mathematical sounding because you’re on point you’re like at that position like you’re exactly on the right point. on fleek is more like eyebrows or an on fleek outfit. because your outfit is fly and sleek.
on fleek vs on point
on fleek: my eyebrows look so good their on fleek.
on point: when your jordans are clean and they aren’t bent, their on point. their exact.

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