one minute ugly

that kind of ugliness that lasts only for a moment until a person gets used to it.
-did you see her batman tattoo? it looks ugly.

-it’s just one minute ugly. you will get used to it.

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  • petty boot

    when an admin or mod of a facebook group boots, bans, or blocks a member over a disagreement or petty reason. “i haven’t seen sam active in the group lately. hope everything is good.” “oh, tori petty booted sam last week because she posted something political on her profile she didn’t agree with.”

  • yiannopoulos

    a euphemism for alt-right supporters that references milo yiannopoulos- a british media personality and former senior editor of breitbart news. those neo-n-z-s are a bunch of yiannopoulos with their claims of white culture being oppreseed by political correctness.

  • doschel

    a cl-ster of dingle berry’s hanging from a -ss fro. dirty derrick had a doschel because he never wiped his -ss.

  • homie squad

    an adjective that means bad-ss, kick-ss, and of course homie squad that kitchen is pretty homie squad. germany is really homie squad. fc bayern münchen is way more homie squad than fc barcelona.

  • wengting

    a wild group of sesh heads in a group chat about the nickname of one of the members p-n-s. chris: i havn’t used my wengting in ages

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