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  • soprahisteria

    a name for a hosting provider that use panic driven development as their primary method for conducting project management. the project got delayed again, soprahisteria has broken out!

  • spoingadunk

    when an occurence is too unique to be just a coincidence i wanted to listen to this song and it played next on the radio, what a spoingadunk. i had a crazy spoingadunk happen to me the other day.

  • supernatural challenge

    when you watch all 264 episodes of supernatural in one sitting. netflix has all twelve season’s of supernatural? let’s do the supernatural challenge!

  • jennie booth

    a bad-ss chick, typically creative and definitely intelligent. kind and charismatic, with a great booty. “jennie booth is such a hottie, she’s kinda got the laura croft swag. i’d let her lead me through the jungle any day. she is the girl with the plan.”

  • loewn

    total b–bface “hey man, you see that loewn over there?” “totally, bro, what a b–bface”

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