onee-chan is j-panese for older brother.

“good morning, onii-chan”
the j-panese word for “older brother” (younger brother is itouto).
kiyoshi is my oniichan, wakana is my oneechan.
a strikingly s-xy male friend, who all girls fawn over. a word used in replacement for the male friend’s name whom you drool over so dearly. in j-panese, onii-chan means older brother, and is a t-tle of respect and in some cases, resentment. onii-chan is a word commonly used during weaboos climaxing over hot characters in their favourite anime
hands off! lincoln is my onii-chan!
means sister or brother.
kotomi: nuu onii-chan
tldr: older brother

a little more detail if you like-
onii can end with 3 different j-panese honourifics, -san, -chan, or -sama.
-san is the basic ending for the basic big bro.
-chan is a more comp-ssionate ending for onii if you really love your big brother and feel emotionally attached to him greatly
-sama is a bit of a formal ending for big brother, nothing too special.
my onii-san is a cool bro
i really love my onii-chan!
yes he is my onii-sama

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