onion ring

reference to the sphinctorial area of a cat as it faces away from you with it’s tail high in the air. the tight puckered area that is staring you straight in the face as your cat turns and walks away from you as you were petting him/her.

occasionally there will be a little left over crust on your cat’s “onion ring” causing it to further resemble the onion rings from your favorite fast food establishment.
i was petting my cat, when all of a sudden he turned around and raised his b-tt high in the air, giving me full frontal view of his onion ring that i didn’t want. he waved his kitty onion ring back and forth before he finally walked away. i don’t have that cat anymore, sorry peta.
the mushy brown substance around the base of your c-ck after you pull out of her/his -sshole
“when i pulled my c-ck out of henry’s -ss, i had an onion ring that he was happy to eat!”
the act of sitting above a person.. bare -ss.. sealing your b-tt hole around their mouth and farting.
i hooked up with this nasty b-tch last night and she was just begging me to onion ring her…. then we boofed
a term used to describe the pungent smelling -rs- hole of a h-m-s-xual; after being -n-lly harr-ssed by a small p-n-s with an aggressive yeast infection.
“david furnish couldnt help but enjoy the rancid taste of elton’s onion ring.”

“you cant beat a good deep fried onion ring”
a female’s p-ssy/v-g-n-.
yo! i shuved my d-ck in her onion ring!
a ring piece so rancid and unwiped, it makes your eyes water.
“i went in for a piece of rear guard action, but stopped when i found she had a well battered onion ring”
a perced v-g-n-.
guy1) yo dude! i did this b-tch last night and she had a onion ring!
guy2) dude that sick!!
guy1) it ripped open the condom!
the part of a women known as, or referred to as the breast’s.
dude i totally got a hand-full of that chick’s onion rings

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