online dating

while almost universally panned, online dating can actually be a wonderful thing. people need to realize that not everyone online is fake, and that there are some genuine people out there. i know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now. to the people that say internet love doesn’t exist, they’re wrong.

love is love, no matter how far apart you two may live.

end of discussion.
dumb-ss: how’s the online dating going?
me: fine, thanks for asking.
dumb-ss: you know, he might be a pedophile.
me: she might also not.
online dating is where you call text or email the person which is your online gf/bf and send pictuers and talk on the phone and meet each-other in real life.
britt:did you hear jenn and hesch is online dating?
stosh:noo when!!?
britt:since aug 27 06
a fairy tale, play dating that two partners (usualy teens) partake in to get themselves ready for real life relationships. the false concept of “internet love” is embraced all to easily and leads to more heart ache *winkwink* and troubles for the more desperate person involved. cyber s-x soon follows as the relationship gets “stepped up” to the “next level”*winkwink*. maybe he can get some pictures or phone s-x out of it if he’s lucky, but he’s not, she won’t even tell him her last name. he ends up jerking off to text whom he hopes is written by a member of the female species(but he never knows) not sweating it to bad because she did show him that one blurry picture. the relationship usualy ends as soon as it began and neither really cares, but they pretend they do. she might even fake like she’s crying. he might say he’s going to kill himself because she broke his heart. the truth is one of them found a hotter or more intresting person to online date or just got sick of the others daily sniveling. the cycle continues, rinse and repeat. no feelings shared just words that people forgot faces manipulated behind the scenes.

online dating.
matt- hi
xginax- hey
matt- how was your day?
xginax- matt i have something to tell you and your not going to like it, but i can’t hold it inside any longer.
matt- okay umm what is it?
xginax- i can’t do this anymore we just don’t fit as a couple.
matt- are you f-cking joking! but you said you loved me!
xginax- i still love you! it’s not you it’s me.
matt- don’t do this to me, i need you in my life!
xxxgina- im so sorry please don’t hate me ):
matt- but what about when you said you would meet me in real life and we would lose our virginity together.
xginax- im sorry…
matt- im going to go kill myself now! you’ll never see me again!
a place where only desperate and/or ugly people go to meet. you may find yourself thinking “i can’t belive i’m actually resorting to this”
i am desperate so im going to do online dating to meetup with someone as a last resort only to find out they arent what im looking for or we wont last long together.
a type of website where you meet other losers like yourself and go out with them.
that person without a social life was busy with online-dating.
a more than pathetic excuse for the release of s-xual tension; often, these relationships occur between awkwardly prep-b-scent 16 year olds and 47 year old guys. yes, we know about gerold.
wow, tye is totally online dating this chick he doesn’t even know, nor will he ever. what a douchef-g.

yeah, he’s too pathetic to have a real relationship.
a place 4 young kids 2 mess about and play with peoples emotions and thn find out their computer has been traced by a paedophile so mah !
your computer now mah blah foot!

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