a big ole ugly d-ck
he’s got an onri!!!!!

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  • faee

    someone who have a rabbit teeth wow its faee the rabbit

  • inventededed

    when you have recently created an object “i just invetededed a new thing” “inventededed isn’t a word” “i just inventededed it. shut up”

  • sinan p*ssy

    a p-ssy -ss n-gg- i saw sinan p-ssy yesterday at a strip club.

  • dictopus

    a large phallic shaped object or character with eight arms that are also phallic in appearance. this is most commonly seen resembling an octopus with it’s head and tentacles replaced by p-n-ses. this was originally created by christopher phillips wow, that is quite an impressive dictopus drawing you have there.

  • k*llwh*r*

    n2d namel3ss from call of duty 2. wow nameless get on the hq, killwh-r-. a term used to describe someone who goes out of there way to get a kill. there actions usually result in death. nolan is such a kill wh-r-.

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