sound a car makes
ontz ontz ontzzzzz

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  • yinkers

    a feeling of supreme jealousy – an incorporated nod-of-the-hat to “yikes” in its connotation of ‘surprise’ and/or disapproval. from the latin “yeat” – to reappropriate or steal something of someone else’s. yinkers, i wish i had that school bus.

  • a blind tool bag

    brett mattson d-mn that brett guy is a blind tool bag

  • gigagaggle

    the name in which uses to describe a friend who simply fits the script. “you’re being ridiculous.. i swear, sometimes you’re such a gigagaggle.”

  • angry crow

    the visible bit of the back of chicks black g-string above the top of her pants. i drove past sams house this weekend, she was washing her car showing her angry crow off to the whole street.

  • yucis

    a a-gender white (wants to be black) man who has an intense love for romeo and juliet, and gender studies when reading ancient doc-ments. oh look its mrs. yucis, lets run!

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