this word is originally one of the three groups they use in the greece language. it’s the onzijdige groep. you’ve got male, female and onzijdig. in the movie “mean girls” they use the word onzijdig a lot. this word is widely used by mean people. if you say to someone “you’re onzijdig” it means “you’re a pretty b-tch”. also there’s a folk named “the onzijdigen”. these people are very mean b-tches who love pizza. they also have the highest snapstreek in the world and they’re rich b-tches. all teachers who teach greek are onzijdig.
“you’re just a mean girl, i mean onzijdige, mean onzijdige”
“you go girl, you go onzijdige”
“we’re a different group, we’re onzijdig”

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