oop outta pocket

a surprise, popping out the woodies
hey how are you? i had s-x with your mother-in-law today. thats pretty oop outta pocket.

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  • open space

    open sp-ce is what californians call parks. it is definitely a cali term. cali girl: hey lets go for a walk in the open sp-ce by my house! non-cali-person: what the f-ck is an open sp-ce, you mean the park/field?

  • Operation Maxi-PAD

    when the pre-professional, co-ed, law fraternity phi alpha delta (also known as pad) tries to take over the university’s student union/-ssociation, by campaigning for the highest positions in the union/-ssociation as the chairman, vice-president, and president. person 1: yo i herd that phil is running for president, amanda for vice-president, and david for chairman. person […]

  • Opleacient

    a feeling of immense pain or remorse; unbearable pain. bobby tried to move his foot, but the pain was opleacient.

  • optimism opium

    the opposite of pessimism p-rn. meaning people who rather believe in the fairy tales that the outside forces(ie such as g-d or the gov’t) will keep supporting you and you can continue to be ignorant of current consequences. economy is down the toilet, i still see enough optimism opium addicts.

  • OrabaJaba

    a word derived origionally from orange juice, after much deliberation using grabajaba (grape juice) and abajaba (apple juice). used best when shouted at someone when they are unaware, if they respond they can often be considered hoopy> hey there cousin, how are you? orabajaba!!!

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