out of the question.
my mom wants me off the computer, but i told her it was ootq.

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  • opalockagoon

    verb: to wap a n-gg- in the face, to rob violently or threateningly, to jump on a n-gg- as if he were a trampoline. “my squads favorite thing to do is opalockagoon. ” “his opalockagoon mentality makes girls want to suckndrophizspoon”

  • Opdycke

    a fat ugly she man who was born by the combination of a goat and a dyk-. he thinks he can get laid when he can’t. g-d that guy with that small p-n-s is such a douche, he is such an opdycke.

  • Jontas

    someone that is a not very well liked.can be annoying or just totally hateful. i was walking home the other day with my friend…suddenly i saw a some bloke wearing very unfashionable attire, at which point i commmented to my friend, “what a jontas that gimp is!”. he agreed.

  • orgiboy

    me/ brandon/ love im a hot s-xey boy , im such a beast in your pantsd its not funny. aww u orgy me orgy boy ya ya ya hey hey hey its fat -ss hole blow blow hard harder

  • Ormrod

    term for a man that enjoys h-tting people of the forehead with their fully erect member. derived from the two terms, orm – rod. orm meaning seal and rod meaning club. alan truly loved to ormrod the ladies.

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