one p-ssy for life
there a literally billions of girls out there but no he ain’t searchin’. he’s opfl.

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  • snow plougher

    someone who does a lot of c-ke, usually yours. johnny is a real snow plougher. he hoovered my eightball this weekend.

  • punkk*ll

    a guy who thinks he so good but really he’s not good at nothing he try’s to get girls but really can only f-ck a cat with is 2 inch punisher don’t be a punkkill

  • sparticle

    1. sparkly thing 2. something cool (plural is sparticles, which is multiple sparkly things) 1. check out those sparticles she’s got for sale! 2. love the new jewelry. so sparticle.

  • ringin out

    ringin out means that you smashed a girl til she was dripping wet, just like ringing out a towel. oooou weee , imma be ringin out yo p-ssy girl

  • self chod

    noun: an instance in which you f-ck yourself verb: to f-ck yourself, to f-ck up, to self-sabotage “jon says he want to make friends, but he always cancels plans last minute. he’s such self chod.” oedipus learned that he had bedded his mother, and plucked out his own eyes. it was a real self chod.

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