an old dinosaur who hates kids and cuts the cr-p
that guys so old he’s a oppenheimasourusrex

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  • handsplaining

    when you explain something accompanied by a lot of dramatic hand motions. similar to mansplaining. it’s so annoying when jerry is handsplaining in public and accidentally hits me in the face.

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    kennita does not like twisted iced tea when it’s not actually “iced” she wears a golden head band and has a roommate named rachle. the live in a bas-m-nt apartment and do not run the air or heat cuz they like to save money. also james is a sk-nk. kennita is a combo of her […]

  • beat her face out with

    used a lot of it ‘she beat her face out with that new chanel perfume’

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  • lil pee hole

    the guy with a big truck who likes to brag about said truck hey jimmy like my truck well rick this just shows you have a lil pee hole

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