or what

a vague response to questions about your general status. the opposite of chilling.
person 1: yo man, you just chillin or what?
person 2: well i’m not chilling, so i guess i’m or what.

person 1: what do you think that man is doing over there?
person 2: oh he’s just or whatting.
what bt money aka da samurai always says..always says it after everything…when he talks and even in his rap songs and freestyles.
bt money: whats going on …or what?
frank g: nothing man…
bt money: same here…or what?
frank g: yeah, just chillin
bt money: …or what?
a s-xual way of threanig s-xual actions.
“or what” “i’m gonna f-ck you that’s what’s gonna happen if you continue to tease me like that”

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